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The 3 Spring Makeup Products You’re Missing!

Sprint has sprung, April showers are turning into May sunshine! With the change in season, warmer temperatures and of course wardrobe – it’s time to update your makeup! These top 3 makeup products are must have’s to add a little colour to eyes, plumpness to your lips and of course brighten your skin!

  1. Kajal Waterline, $19
Available in 9 striking shades!

A clean formula that is cruelty free, non irritating, ophthalmologist tested and long lasting. This easy glide formula is an award winner that stays put in your waterline all day long with zero smudging – and yes, only $19!

2. Hyaluronic Boost Lip Plumper, $26

Available in 7 brilliant shades!

WHOA! A lip plumper that actually works?! And here’s why:

Increases Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid
Contains Maxi-Lip which not only stimulates collagen production but also synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Which is important because as we age we lose collagen and hyaluronic which results in volume loss. Maxi-lip helps boost collagen in our lips (collagen is also used in lip injections!) to help pump up the volume in our lips.

Hydrates, Softens, + Volumizes
Infused with Vollulip which is made to plump and smooth the lips. Fine lines around the lips will make your lips appear smaller. The smoothing effect of Vollulip helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and improves the overall appearance of your lips.

Repairs Skin + Anti-Age
Contains Portulaca Pilosa (Kiss-Me-Quick Flower), which is a plant extract rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, to help improve the elasticity of the skin and nourish the cells. It is used in the formula for anti-aging. Raspberry, Peach and Jojoba Oil Complex has anti-oxidant properties to soothe and heal your lips.

Top notch ingredients for an incredibly affordable price, not only will your lips feel nourished and look great but will treat your lips over time.

3. Liquid VO2(Dark Circle Eraser) – $27

Before and After Liquid VO2

Dark circles are NEVER a girls best friend and this easy to use solution will erase them immediately( bonus its a concealer AND colour corrector in one- now thats value!) – here’s how:

Follow these 3 easy steps for no more dark circles!

1. Apply Liquid VO2 underneath your eyes in a V shape(from inner corner of eye to edge of eye)

2. Fill in the V with Liquid VO2, wait 10 seconds

3. Blend with 202 Stubby Brush

To find your perfect color match and tips on how to to apply in three easy steps take Vasanti’s Dark Circle Quiz:


✔ Oil-free and fragrance-free liquid

✔ Long-wearing, light-weight, natural matte foundation for up to 24 hours

✔ Infused with Eurol BT – an active ingredient from organically grown olive leaves that has skin brightening properties and is known to show visual improvement to skin elasticity

Liquid VO2(dark circle eraser)

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