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Your step-by-step winter night time skincare!

A winter night-time skincare routine will help your skin rejuvenate itself while you get some beauty sleep. If you forget a step in the morning, the night is when you redeem yourself and pamper your skin. These steps will ensure you have soft, plump, moisturized, youthful skin.  For all skin types.

Step 1

Remove the day’s makeup, pollutants, dirt from your pores with Detox Cleanser. Wet your face first. Next, use a dime size of cleanser and gently massage into skin for 20 seconds building a lather, rinse. Other options for cleaning your skin are: Aloe Cleansers (best for oily skin) and Magnetic Wipes (for a quick cleanse)

Detox Cleanser $24, available online and select Shoppers Drug Mart locations

Step 2:

(Use only 3-5 times/week)

Apply a thick layer of Miracle Mask all over face, avoiding tear ducts. Wait 15 minutes and rinse. Applying Miracle Mask a few times a week will provide treatment benefits such as detoxification, nourishment, hydration, even skin and overall brightens. 

Miracle Mask $39, available online and select Shoppers Drug Mart locations, @priyasidhu

Step 3:

Apply Eye Wonder 2.0 using de-puffing applicator around entire orbital eye area. Our eyes are not only the windows to our soul, but are the first place that shows signs of aging due to the skin around the eyes being much thinner than the rest of our face. Eye Wonder 2.0 is a 3-in-1 eye cream that is formulated to prevent and correct all signs of aging such as dehydration, fine lines/wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.

Eye Wonder 2.0 $42, available online and select Shoppers Drug Mart locations

Step 4:

Apply Age is Only A Number Elixir all over face including neck. You will need 3-4 drops of the elixir for your face and neck. A super potent formula designed to combat ALL signs of aging regardless of age, after all don’t we want to look our best always? Age is Only A Number Elixir is formulated with actives, nourishing oils(will not clog pores!), peptides, stem cells and vitamins. This powerful formula will work to reduce/prevent fine lines wrinkles, lifting, firming, hydrate and give you the most radiant glow!

Age Is Only A Number $62, available online and select Shoppers Drug Mart locations

Step 5:

Don’t forget your lips! Our lips like the skin on our face also needs some TLC. Apply Rise & Shine lip balm liberally all over your lips for soft, plump and moisturized lips in the morning. Loaded with nourishing natural oils and butters including Mango Seed Butter, Shea Butter, Canadian Abyssinian Oil 

Rise and Shine Lip Balm $19, available online and select Shoppers Drug Mart locations


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