The Lip Kits of the Season!

We curated the most gorgeous combination of colours to create lip kits that are so unique and wearable. They are designed to compliment your skin tone, outfit and every mood. Define, contour and enhance your lips for an enviable pout with Vasanti’s Lip Kit’s

  1. Out & About, Depth Definer + Engaged – Try this if you’re a no fuss gal who loves a great nude matte.   Wardrobe Idea: Ripped Jeans, basic white T and sneakers!

2. Smart & Sassy, Natural Instinct + Me Time – Try this if you find yourself balanced in your intelligence and quirky attitude.  Wardrobe Idea: Off the shoulder blouse, trousers and close toed heels.

3. Queen V, Party Time & Vavavoom – Try this if you find your nights stretch into the early morning, you’re going to need your lips BOLD and in place.  Wardrobe Idea: Sparkly short dress and high strappy heels!

4. Feel Good, Depth Definer & Zen Time – Try this if you need just a hint of colour in your already colourful life. Wardrobe Idea: Retro all the way – neon top paired with jean shorts and white sneakers.

5. Girls Night, Rosy Pout + Metallic Shine Try this if you’re the life of the party every time you and your girls go out. Wardrobe Idea – Babydoll dress and strappy sandles

6. Sweet as a Peach, Brownie Bite + Peachy Keen  Try this if you’ve always wanted to wear a coral that complimented your skin tone MINUS the ash! Wardrobe Idea: A floral dress with platform shoes!

7. Comfort Zone,Rosy Pout & Face Time –  Try this if you like the comfort of a warm cup of tea, a good book and dare we say “sweater weather”! Wardrobe Idea: Sweat dress, duh!

A lip kit for you, your bestie, your mother, your neighbour… basically everyone in your life!!

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