Top 3 Summertime skin/makeup hacks

Bright mornings, long summer days to warm nights when the days mesh into night and you just want to soak up every moment of summer glory. And who could want any less of summer, when the season is as fleeting as ice cream melting under the summer sun. Which I am sure makes you think: wait, what about my makeup? We’ve accumulated 3 summertime skin/makeup hacks you won’t want to miss!

Tinted Moisturizer Hack

Glow Boosting Serum, $39

A gorgeous light weight glow on a hot summer day is all a girl can ask for and here’s how you get it! Mix a few drops of Vitamin C radiance serum: Glow Boosting Serum into your foundation and apply with fingertips all over your face and blend with your brush! Recommended foundation: Water based, light weight Liquid Cover Up Foundation.

Sweat proof makeup hack

Baby Face Primer, $34

Now that you’ve managed a light weight glow that evens your skin, how do you keep it from melting in the heat? It’s simple – apply Baby Face Primer all over your face before application of makeup. Baby Face Primer ensures your makeup will be fade proof, sweat resistant, blurs imperfections and hydrates.

Beachy Glow

Rosewater + Pomegranate Spray, $14

Sun kissed skin and a glow sounds delightful especially on the beach! Spray Rose Water + Pomegranate Spray for a natural glow and a boost of anti-oxidants your skin will love. Add a layer of See the Light Highlighter Duo all over the high points of your face for a soft shimmer that glistens both in the sun and shade.

3 easy hacks that are must have’s this summer! 🌞

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