Melt proof makeup?!

Summer has graced us with it’s warm weather, sunshine(and sunburns) and endless beach days! With the summer comes heat that isn’t so kind on makeup. My makeup tends to melt right of off my face when it’s humid – until I used Vasanti Baby Face Primer!

I put Vasanti’s Baby Face Primer to the test! I wore a thin layer of Baby Face Primer underneath my makeup at 7am in the morning, the temperature hovering around 35 degrees celsius with high humidity. Every few hours I checked my makeup to see if my makeup was still in tact! With every glance in the mirror I was pleasantly surprised at how my makeup managed to stay in place while my skin looked flawless and had the most incredible glow!

It’s safe to say my makeup did not melt! Asides from being sweat proof, the Baby Face Primer does so much more! To help explain the skincare vs makeup benefits, I’ve listed them below:

Skincare Benefits:

  • 3D hydration(epidermis and dermis)
  • Skin appears glossy, a glass like glow
  • Blurs imperfections without any makeup on top
  • Strengthens skin barrier(great for Sensitive Skin)
  • Smooths and softens skin for healthy looking and feeling akin
  • Gives skin a polished look
  • For all skin types

Makeup Benefits:

–  Creates a barrier between skin and makeup – makeup sits on primer to allow for ultimate grip

  • Sweatproof – makeup stays on for long lasting staying power
  • Prevents creasing
  • Enhances makeup
  • Pore minimizing 
  • Evens texturized skin for smooth application.
  • Blurs imperfections

Baby Face Primer, truly sets itself apart from any primer I’ve used or heard of! The glow on my skin undeniable and the heat stands no chance against Vasanti’s Baby Face Primer! 

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