YUP! IT’S ALMOST SUMMER! The is weather gracing us with warm air, toasty sunshine and greenery our senses can’t get enough of. The weather has changed and so has your skin. Yes, it’s time to update your skincare and these 3 are must have’s for ALL skin types!

  1. During warmer weather you are prone to producing more oil than usual which means your pores can get easily congested! Clogged pores lead to potential acne breakouts, white heads/black heads, dull, rough skin. Your solution: Exfoliation! Brighten Up! Exfoliator is not only 99% Natural but a microdermabrasion in a bottle! A combination of fine, circular(no harsh particles) Microderm crystals, coconut, aloe and papaya enzymes. Soothes the most sensitive skin, while unclogging the most stubborn black head/white heads and helps reduce acne breakouts.

    Use: For best results use 3-5 times per week, wet face first, apply a pea size and massage in a circular motion into skin and rinse. Bright, glowing beautiful skin.. instantly!

  2. Now that you’ve exfoliated, it’s time to tone. Rose Water & Pomegrante spray helps soften, tone, shrink pores and hydrate! Formulated with Pomegranate, Rose Water and Aloe

    Tip: You can use it throughout the day on top of your makeup for a dewy glow and a refreshing sensation on a hot summer afternoon!
  3. And now for the finale! Brighten Up! Amplify moisturizer! It’s hydrating, soothing, light weight, fast absorbing and the perfect base for your makeup. Formulated with aloe for it’s anti-oxidant, hydrating and brightening properties. Also, made with Vitamin. C and Arbutin(evens skin tone and helps reduce hyper pigmentation.

    Use: Gently pat a pea size moisturizer all over face until it absorbs completely into skin!

These three skincare products will have you ready for the summer we all were patiently waiting for!

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