I think I was in awe with a nude lip when I first saw makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic fill the contours of Kim Kardashian’s lips with the most neutral shade of lipstick I had ever seen. Up until then, the only nude’s I worried about were the ones I stashed on my camera roll & hoped no one accidentally saw! (Yes, this was before smartphones – don’t ask). Why nude? A nude lip colour is a must have, it is the most versatile colour that can be worn for a “makeup no makeup look” or dressed up with a sultry smokey eye.

With all of the nude lip craze, you’d think nude lips were always the hot commodity it is today- not quite. Lipstick was an invention of the French in 1884, although centuries before versions of what we know as lipstick was worn on the lips by various cultures. In the 19th & 20th Century dark red lipstick was the most popular and worn by flappers as a symbol of independence. Movie actresses Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor gave red lipstick an air of sex appeal never seen before in the 50’s. 

My Time Lipsticks $23

Fast forward to present day, the quest for the perfect red evolved to the search for the perfect nude!  Not just any nude but a matte! And boy was that search exhausting! My search for the perfect nude matte finally landed on these seriously bad a$$ lippies! 

Vasanti’s My Time Lipsticks are the perfect combination of an opaque matte & a bold colour! And guess what? A nude for ALL of our skin tones! The gel matte texture felt great on my lips and I found myself not having to reapply after gobbling down my sandwich(don’t judge me, intermittent fasting does that to a girl!)

My Time Lipstick in Make Time

I also loved that the slanted tip of the lipstick that can be used as a lip liner to define my lips! The nude colour that looked the best on my medium-golden(V6) complexion was Make Time. 

The swatches below are going to blow your mind! Stay tuned for the next blog with details of what nude is perfect for you!

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