LVO2 Story

I might have noticed them when I was 13 staring at the mirror picking at my teenage acne, they stood out like black marker streaks on a white board underneath my eyes. I put on my glasses and carried on with my day. I would, however, often look in the mirror and wonder why I had these circles around my eyes reminiscent of Panda Bears — just not as cute! As I blossomed into a young woman, so did my dark under eye circles. I mean those long nights going out and early morning classes didn’t help either. I tried countless concealers; from beauty counter brands to drug store brands I felt the more I tried to cover them the worse my dark circles appeared. Everything I tried made my dreaded dark circles look worse: too ashy, too thick, too dark, not bright enough. Until a friend(bless her heart) introduced me to something she called the ‘Dark Circle Eraser”. I did not expect a miracle but alas, I had found one!  

This magical colour corrector called the Liquid VO2 by Vasanti Cosmetics replaced my mediocre concealer and literally ERASED all signs of the dark halo’s around me eyes! I, for the first time at my 42 years of age had bright eyes without an ounce of darkness. Every morning instead of begrudgingly mixing a concoction of products that just don’t work, I turn to Liquid VO2 apply it in a V shape underneath my eyes, blend and voila!  I can face the day AND look like myself.  

One of the pillars of why Vasanti appealed to me beyond Liquid VO2 was their philosophy: “Look Like You, Feel Like You”. I avoided makeup most of my life because I never looked nor felt like myself in hues of colour that didn’t compliment my skin tone & textures that made me feel heavy and weighed down. After discovering LVO2, I became curious to discover who Vasanti was and to my surprise, the story behind the birth of Vasanti Cosmetics is nothing short of a “Devil Wears Prada” moment!  


  1. I don’t have a problem with dark circles under my eyes but it seems like I have a hollow space under both my eyes and wrinkles are starting under my eyes and eyelids


    1. Hi Kay! Thanks for your comment! The hollow space underneath the eyes are an indication of deep set eyes, which is just a type of eye. Liquid VO2 will help brighten this area and bring your eyes out. Also, if wrinkles are starting to appear around eyes and eyelids its best to start using preventative/corrective care, Eye Wonder 2.0 would be best!


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