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Be Effortlessly Blooming this Summer

Many women find it hard to keep their face flawlessly beautiful especially during summer. Some apply very thick layers of foundation to protect themselves from the sun and this practice can leave the face looking cakey and pale. This is where blushes come in. They are the key to looking blooming day and night during summertime.

Many cosmetics manufacturers had come up with their own collection of blushes that’s perfect for summer. After all, the hot weather calls for something different. The kind of makeup one uses during this time of the year can make or unmake one’s overall look. Women tend to pay more attention to their face because they’ll be spending most of their time outdoors like going to the beach, attending pool parties and hanging out with friends. In addition to using foundation that will keep your face from looking oily, you also need the right kind of blush to achieve that blooming look.

How to find the perfect blush

There are many things to consider before you finally settle on a shade that you like. First thing to look into is quality. Yes, there are very cheap blushes available out there both online and in physical stores. Cheap doesn’t always equal quality. Some of these blushes may contain harmful ingredients that can ruin your face. Before you know it you’ll be having pimples, uneven skin tone, dark spots and other blemishes. The safest thing to do is buy from a legit manufacturer. Their products may be more expensive than others but at least, they’re safer to use. Most importantly, they undergo meticulous quality control.

Another thing to consider is color. When people think of summer, they often associate it with blooming flowers. That’s exactly what your blush should remind people of. A must-try for every woman is the Bloom mineral blush from Vasanti. This collection is actually inspired by the blooming, beautiful flowers of summer especially the orchid, dahlia and lotus. These shades are perfect for any skin type and complexion. Above all, they look absolutely natural when applied on the cheeks. They will give you a natural-looking glow all day and night. They’re long wearing too so you don’t need to re-apply every now and then.

It’s also important that you find a blush that is soft and blendable. Many women end up looking clown-like because their blush doesn’t blend well with their foundation. Use a blush that’s easy to blend, preferably in powder form. In case your blush doesn’t come with a brush, be sure to use one that can easily help you blend the color on your face. A face shaper brush for instance is instrumental in achieving that natural summer glow.

Women are very particular with what they put on their face. They follow some kind of a ritual from washing their face, applying primer, concealer, foundation and blush. That’s why you need a blush with a build-able pigment. It should provide the color you want even if you have to apply a highlighter or illuminating powder afterwards.

Let’s face it. We all want to be in style and one way to stay fashionable is by wearing the right blush. Just like with clothes, there are also trendy shades that are ideal for summer. It’s definitely not something too dark because when you’re out in the sun, your cheeks will have that naturally pinking tint and you only need a lighter shade of blush to highlight your cheeks. Again, there are many trendy colors to choose from. Just make sure it matches your complexion.

Mistakes to avoid

When it comes to achieving that perfect glowing summer skin look, you also need to avoid some common makeup mistakes when it comes to blush. Here are some of them:

  • Using powder blush over liquid foundation. This is because the pigment has a high chance of streaking instead of blending. Play it safe by using powder blush over powder foundation instead. In case you prefer liquid foundation, just be sure to apply setting powder first before putting your blush. This will make it easier to apply and blend your blush afterwards.
  • You’re scared of using new shades. Okay, so you have your go-to blush for years now and the idea of trying a new shade scares you. You’ve become comfortable with your favorite color that a new shade is out of the question. Well, just so you know, it’s fun and useful to try other shades, too. How else would you know that a particularly new shade actually looks better on you? Vasanti has some very nice shades to choose from which are ideal for all skin types and colors. They’re very trendy this summer as well.
  • You don’t consider the shape of your face when applying blush. People’s faces have different shapes. Sometimes, it’s not because of the actual blush that you don’t look the way you wanted to but in the way you applied it in the first place. It’s the same with contouring. Your blush should complement the shape of your face. For instance, apply blush on the apples of your cheeks in case you have a heart or square-shaped face. Those with long or oval-shaped face should apply it along the tops of their cheekbones. Meanwhile, women with round face should apply blush on the side of their cheeks.
  • You apply blush last. It’s very common among women to apply their blush last once everything is set. However, this shouldn’t be the case all the time. You can also apply blush after contouring, right before you add your highlight. This way you can see if you need more highlight or not. You should also recheck your blush after applying your lipstick because these two shades will also complement each other.
  • Not using enough blush. Are you one of those ladies who love taking selfies? This summer you’ll be taking a lot of photos especially when you’re out in the sun with your girlfriends. In order to appear glowing in the photos, you must apply more color than usual on your cheeks. Not wearing enough blush can lose the overall dimension of your cheeks. Further, it’ll make you look terribly pale especially when taking photos outdoors or with a flash.

Blush plays an important role in helping you achieve the most ideal look this summer. As such, you have to be very careful in choosing the right brand and color for you. In addition, you should also use the right tools in applying your blush. You want to look naturally blooming without overdoing it. Moreover, try to keep in mind the common mistakes women make when it comes to blush. Doing so can help you look photo-ready anytime, anywhere this summer.

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