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2019 Spring/Summer Makeup Trends

The year 2019 has experienced some quite “strange” makeup trends. A good number of these trends have been awesome while the others have left a lot to wish for. Now, it’s the time of the year to do away with all the winter and spring trends and welcome in the summer. We’ll be taking a look at some of the most impressive makeup ideas to be applied for this summer. These ideas are sure to have you looking glamorous and on-point throughout the entire duration of the season. A lot of these ideas range from the beautification of the eyes to glowing skin and then Lipsticks. It is really a full package that makes sure that you have a new idea for almost every occasion you go to. Certainly, every woman aspires to keep up with trends. It is also important that women know the right type of makeup to wear for respective seasons of the year. You obviously don’t want to appear as the odd one out and this makes our makeup trend tips very important.

Are you ready to take a look at our makeup trends?

Glowing and Natural Skin. Now, this makeup trend started at the end of 2018 and has now become one of the top trends for 2019. Glowing and Natural skin has now become more important as it makes it easier to sport certain looks. Glowing natural skin makes your makeup appear better and it even makes you spend a lot less time in covering up any spots or blemishes on your face. However, the truth remains that to get a glowing natural face requires quite some effort. Making use of the right product is key.

Get your Summer Glow with Papaya Enriched Brighten Up Exfoliator

The Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator helps to eliminate facial spots or correct other facial defects and dark spots. It is perfect to help you achieve that skin that would make you the “center of attraction”. Enjoy the natural look which it provides to mame your summer even better. Also, ladies also find Vasanti’s detox facial cleanser quite useful. It is formulated to eliminate impurities and pollutants from the face. It ensures that all residue makeup particles are cleaned up from the face for radiant skin.

Contouring with the concealer. This is also another ” unusual trend” as most people are used to contouring with the use of a bronzer or highlighter. Making use of the concealer as a special contour is a trend to look forward to in this year. This trend highlights the importance of creamier concealers in contrast to those with powder formulas. If you’ll be contouring with concealer, a creamier product will surely guarantee a subtle look.

Orange Colour Corrector Concealer

Use Vasanti’s Orange Colour Correcter Concealer to achieve near-perfection. Its unique liquid VO2 formulation allows it to easily be applied easily on the face. The impressive features of the orange corrected concealer ensure that the face is covered up leaving no trace of spots or dark under eye circles. It is perfect for ladies with medium to deep skin tones. Contouring with a concealer may be a new experience and you would need to consult instructional videos to get it right.

Blurred Red Lip. This is another special way for lovers of red to apply their lipsticks. Apparently, the perfect application of lipsticks may soon become overrated. This is one of the compulsory makeup trends to try out. It is sure to brighten up your summer. This trend is a very good way for the average lady to wear lipstick while reducing its intensity. It is also an escape for ladies who are not yet experts in the use of red lipstick. Looking for that product to give you those blurred lips?

Look no further than the Soft Finish Matte Lipstick on Matte Red which offers ladies the chance to glow, or the brand NEW Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil Shade “A Dozen Roses”, that gives you a fresh take on the ‘classic red’. Their special formulation helps to keep the lips nourished, soft and smooth. Asides keeping you beautiful, it also takes care of the lips by keeping them hydrated. Pick one of these amazing lipsticks off the shelf  or online and arm yourself with blurred lips to take on summer.

Kajal Waterline Eyeliner and Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil

Bold Eyeliner. Basically, this trend is about making bold statements. Rather than the subtle eyeliner application, this trend encourages going little above standards. This involves adding some color to your eyes. This trend calls for you to abandon the “regular black” eyeliners and opt for some bright colors. Yes, black matches the color of your hair but this trend will help you make a statement about your style. Warm, bright colors such as retro blue, vibrant violet, or a bright fuschia will make your eyes appear energetic. Pair it with an intense black shade using the Kajal Black Waterline Eyeliner (or for something a little less intense the NEW Hazel Brown Waterline Eyeliner Pencil) and brighten up your eyes to another level!  Enough with the dull stereotype looks, this is the next best thing for you. This eyeliner trend also lets you place less emphasis on your lip color. You may even get the chance to go for natural-looking lips. Be careful with the use of colors since you’re already wearing something bright on your eyes.

A Bronze Look. Every lady wants to look like a goddess with the sun shining in her face. That’s what the bronzed-up look offers you. Do you want to feel like a diva? Get your glow on and sparkle in the sun. This trend began with the onset of the mild spring sun. Transform yourself into a goddessand enjoy a gold-dripping glow. Do you want to be the center of attraction as you step out for your day? Try out this look. It keeps you beautiful all day long and you don’t have any reason to worry.

Reach for the Vasanti Mineral Bronzer to add some sunlight to your appearance. It has been formulated to set perfectly on your face and is perfect for almost any type of makeup.

Full Lips. This trend gives you the look for an “all-out-party”. By embracing the use of bright colors or blurred shades to adorn your style, you make yourself more visible to the public. It’s a statement of confidence as it keeps all eyes glued to you. Basically, your lips will appear fuller and bold. It also helps create a youthful and energetic appearance. Try this out, to add more life to your look. It also helps you to break out from all the dullness and grimness of the winter. The proper use of contrast is essential for the success of this look. When correctly done, you’ll soon become the talk of the town.

Locked In Liquid Lipstick Shades

Vasanti’s Locked In Liquid Lipstick is fantastic for this. It offers a number of shades that make your lips appear fuller and bolder. Applying this lipstick also brightens us your look and keeps them hydrated. From this product, you get two things; beauty and protection.

Switch to pink. The rest of this year is for trends with warm colours.  Basically, this involves trying out more pink makeup. Pink adds a special subtlety to the appearance. Look to add more pink shades to your appearance to sport a young, natural look. It is a perfect look for a simple day or occasion.

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